26 Days!

BHLDN-like from OneWed

Credit: onewed.com

I’m having a difficult time not keeping a running social media countdown until April 14. I know that gets old; it should probably go in a “Stuff Brides Say” video. But it’s one overdone bridal tendency I understand, because to me the words “26 days” contain a whole lot of excitement unlike any I’ve felt before.

However, I am a little thankful to have a few days between now and then to do some DIY wedding projects. Not because my talented and willing mother and sister-in-law wouldn’t do anything I asked– they’ve done almost everything, actually. But every pin I pinned and every blog-worthy wedding I copied in the early stages of planning made me excited to do some of these things with my own two hands, while dreaming of walking down the aisle surrounded by them.

One of my favorites is these beautiful BHLDN paper pennants: http://www.bhldn.com/the-shop_decor_decorating/parchment-pennant-garland

Because there’s not much we can do to decorate the walls or ceiling of the wedding venue, a DIY version of these pretty things will go up around the perimeter and across the front of the cake table and gift table. Mom and Hayley have made a lot of them already, but I volunteered to make the last few. What fun is drooling over all these pretty ideas if you don’t get to make any of them yourself? (Okay, it”s a lot of fun. But I still think it’s more fun to pick them out and see them come together.)

I found a big book of cardstock at Michael’s that matches my wedding palette– Tiffany blue, champagne and burgundy. The patterns have plenty of feminine vintage flair, and they’re each so pretty I can’t limit myself to just one or two per banner. I’m limiting myself to color schemes instead. I’ll glue the triangles back-to-back onto hemp string, which will be sturdy for transporting and add to the vintage look when hung. My sister in law used her sewing machine to stitch the paper triangles on, which looked beautiful, but since I lack a sewing machine I’ll stick with glue sticks.

I started cutting out the triangles, using the template I snagged from Hayley, while watching Meet Me In St. Louis. It was so much fun to end the movie with such a pretty pile of paper triangles sitting in front of me. Later this week two friends will come over and we’ll make a party out of putting them all together, and I’ll post some pics!

So far, my only other ventures have been into the invitation realm. I made the guest information inserts and, in true Portland fashion, stamped a bird on them. But, to be fair, they were Tiffany blue bird, so they matched.

If I could do anything, I’d make a living out of reading wedding blogs. For dreamy inspiration and aesthetic pleasure this afternoon, peruse this spring wedding via Grey Likes Weddings: http://www.greylikesweddings.com/1-real-weddings/botanical-gardens-wedding-welcomes-spring/

26 days…


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