Laughter is the best

Ok, you’re right to wonder why in the world there are carrots on my blog. It’s not a recipe. I just can’t help sharing something that keeps making me laugh…

The other day at work I had a salad with roasted carrots for lunch, and I had left the top on one of my carrots. So when I went to clean my dishes, I rinsed that carrot top off into the sink. But it was bigger than the holes in the drain, so for days there’s been a carrot top peeking out of the sink drain. Every time I rinse out a mug, wash my hands or fill the coffeepot, I see it there in the sink. And if you see a carrot top in the sink every day, you realize how funny carrots really look– especially out of context, in the sink of a big business in the big city. The absurdity just makes me laugh several times a day, because it’s been there since last week.

And an odd little conversation about the metro the other day:

Me: “The metro drivers sounded so funny for a few weeks! Like the chipmunks, and Darth Vader.”
Mom: “They always sound like that to me!”
Me: “This was weirder! [Does impression] I felt bad for all the tourists who think they’re going to hear where they’re going. I just though, he could be saying anything, and no one would know it. He could say, ‘Hang on, we’re all about to die!’ and I guess I would just die not knowing what happened!”

Happy Tuesday!


About Michal Conger

I’m a reporter and digital editor, a cooking and whole foods fanatic, a runner, a music lover, an Anthropologie devotee. I'm an avid reader of G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and anti-modernist novels. Lately you’ll find me freelancing about education policy and local economic issues to support my horseback riding habit. I am married to my best friend. And above all, I am committed to bearing the testimony of the Lord Jesus, giving an answer for the hope that is in me.
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