A Writing Morning

I’m writing this morning, and I would like to look like this. Creative, collected, inspired, and chic. I get the feeling the Kate Winslet in the photo is about to have an inspired  moment, work away with perfect concentration, and end up with a beautiful finished product. Usually when I’m writing I feel much more like a Tina Fey character– papers strewn everywhere (mine are), coffee gone cold (mine is), glasses skewed and hair astray, but not in the Winslet way of perfection.

(I agree, Tina Fey looks pretty great amid the mess. I don’t think her glasses are even askew.)

In any case, no matter which I look like while I write, my end goal is to send my editor a succinct story on a couple recent studies on California’s immigrant population. In an ideal world I’d have input from all the most knowledgeable sources, but in the real world I’m grateful for a few very helpful ones who helped get me what I needed to finally sit down and write this morning.


About Michal Conger

I’m a reporter and digital editor, a cooking and whole foods fanatic, a runner, a music lover, an Anthropologie devotee. I'm an avid reader of G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and anti-modernist novels. Lately you’ll find me freelancing about education policy and local economic issues to support my horseback riding habit. I am married to my best friend. And above all, I am committed to bearing the testimony of the Lord Jesus, giving an answer for the hope that is in me.
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2 Responses to A Writing Morning

  1. Love those pictures! I just made the Kate Winslet one my background. It’s good to be inspired . . . even if we never actually look that chic haha.

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