A novel worth reading

I finished re-reading Northanger Abbey this weekend, and loved it better than ever. I could hardly put it down, in fact, and even put it on my iPhone so I could read it on the metro.

My reading tastes are similar to Catherine’s– I love novels and poetry, and have little interest in histories. But I am also of Mr. Tilney’s opinion that anyone who can’t enjoy a good novel must be intolerably stupid. I never feel like Jane Austen’s novels are “cotton candy” reading, either, since they are well-written, sometimes unusually insightful and (especially Northanger) full of social commentary. But I don’t even feel the need to justify this one.

Henry Tilney is one of my favorite fictional characters. I think he’s totally dreamy, which I think I can say because he’s a fictionalized version of my husband: witty, solicitous, kind, insightful and good-humored. I laughed out loud a couple times while reading, partly in delight over Mr. Tilney and partly because of how much he reminded me of my Mr. Tilney.

“Miss Morland, no one can think more highly of the understanding of women than I do. In my opinion, nature has given them so much that they never find it necessary to use more than half.”

I’ve never actually finished Emma before, so I think that’ll be my next Jane Austen read. I’m also reading a few books to review for work, so I’ll balance Austen-world with Southern literary criticism and a book about religious persecution around the world. I think that’s fair. After all, something has to hold me over until my copy of Beauty gets here.

What are some of your favorite books to re-read? Favorite fictional characters?


About Michal Conger

I’m a reporter and digital editor, a cooking and whole foods fanatic, a runner, a music lover, an Anthropologie devotee. I'm an avid reader of G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and anti-modernist novels. Lately you’ll find me freelancing about education policy and local economic issues to support my horseback riding habit. I am married to my best friend. And above all, I am committed to bearing the testimony of the Lord Jesus, giving an answer for the hope that is in me.
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6 Responses to A novel worth reading

  1. I also like Henry Tilney, especially when he comes to Catherine’s home to make up for his family’s actions in forcing Catherine to leave and make her own way home all alone. Poor kid. Decent of him.

    I love so many authors of so many different periods, I’m constantly re-reading. If I haven’t read a certain book in a long time, I often find that I don’t remember everything in its plot so reading it again is almost like reading it for the first time.

    Favorite fictional characters: Anne Elliott of Persuasion, Mr. Rochester of Jane Eyre, Dirk Pitt (of the Clive Cussler novels) and the Sackett family (Louis L’Amour novels).

    • If you re-read and love Mr. Rochester too, we can definitely be friends! I haven’t read the Clive Cussler novels. What are they like?

      • Adventure novels. Wisecracking and resourceful characters, interesting plots and a cameo by Clive Cussler himself in the book when the heroes need a helping hand. Sometimes Clive gives his name; other times, he describes what he looks like and you figure out that it’s him. He is the only writer that I’ve seen so far who does this cameo thing, similar to Alfred Hitchcock showing up as a cameo part in his movies.

  2. Duly noted! Which book should I start with?

  3. Gigi says:

    Hello darlingest,…I do so love your blog and could even love Mr. Tilney (he really is quite fine) but this old heart is forever bound to Mr. Darcy. ❤ Hugs. Gigi

  4. shaunagh61 says:

    I must say I loved Northanger Abbey. It is about people acting ethically. Tilney is a dreamboat not because of his appearance or situation but because he stays true. His dad wants to ditch Catherine because she is not as socially advantageous as he had at first thought. But Tilney likes Catherine because she is herself; she’s not game playing.And so, despite love not running smooth, love wins because people of integrity care more for being true than being cool! I’ve written my blog about the Austen Six, my nickname for these exquisite novels that teach us about life. Check out my blog.

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